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Parking Gate

Parking gate offers a wide variety of flexible and versatile products, with intensive industrial doors with speed of action. Our electronic doors can be adapted safely, remotely and elegant to the most varied architectural styles and the most demanding conditions of use. Our rolling shutters and gate automation products have a reputation for quality, unrivalled design capability and the most extensive range of innovation.

Sliding Gates

A slide operator is used when there is limited space behind the secured facility, so the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall. Slide gate operators range from light to heavy-duty depending on the size of the entrance and quantity of open/close cycles. We offer both hydraulic and chain driven operators with post or pad mounting options.

Arm Barrier

When high speed, frequent access is essential, a barrier style operator can be utilized. Whether used in airports, parking lots, or office buildings, barrier gates prevent vehicles from entering without proper authorization – efficiently managing entry without hampering busy traffic flow. It can be used as a single arm only or designed with integration to a slide or swing operator to prevent additional cars from entering a specified area prior to the previous car leaving.

Parking Access Revenue Control Systems(PARCS)

The WPS-BC200 system integrates parking revenue with internal accounting for owners and parking management companies.Solutions for parking valet, central pay stations, in-lane credit card acceptance & payment and more from a single manufacturer.
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