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A successful system installation is critical to your organization by ensuring minimal business interruption. Management of the installation process demands a partner you can depend on to provide quality installers and technicians, work quickly and effectively, respect your business environment, meet deadlines and train staff. Installation of new services or technologies can be a complex undertaking. Below are some of the benefits:

  • IT Network Engineers on staff
  • Factory trained and certified professional technicians and licensed electricians
  • Certifications through Master level for Lenel OnGuard, security system and WPS Parking Systems Products.
  • Design services assistance on physical security and parking revenue control systems
  • Industry memberships

Parking Access Revenue Control Systems(PARCS)

The WPS-BC200 system integrates parking revenue with internal accounting for owners and parking management companies.Solutions for parking valet, central pay stations, in-lane credit card acceptance & payment and more from a single manufacturer.
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